31st July: Lago di Loie 2354m

I didn’t manage to eat dinner last night, nor did we manage to pack for the walk today. However, after 11 hours sleep I felt much better and we decided to go for it. We dashed around, getting washed and dressed, making breakfast and butties and packing our rucksacks, and we just about managed to catch the 8.15 bus to Lillaz where the walk started

Thank goodness we did. What an amazing walk! It had everything! Forest, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, meadows and millions of flowers, butterflies and bugs. We even saw a few fat marmots. The views were stunning. And we had the footpaths to ourselves and only saw 16 other people all day! John is already talking about coming back here!

Tomorrow we’re planning a longer walk, 7 and a half hours. I just hope I can cope with the heat in the afternoon. The bus leaves here at 8 for Valnontey so we should have the ascent out of the way by lunchtime, anyway. I’ll let you know how we get on. Hopefully we’ll get some views of Gran Paradiso, the highest mountain in Italy.

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