29th July: Thunder storms

We were woken by thunder and lightning and, when I looked out of the window, even though it was 8 o’clock it was dark enough for the street lights to still be lit. We had breakfast in bed and spent the morning reading.

By 12ish, the rain had stopped and the sky was brighter so we decided to get up, get washed and dressed, have some lunch, and get the bus to the next village to visit the botanical gardens. Unfortunately, by the time we had done all that the storm returned! The afternoon was spent watching a DVD instead!

Its 5 o’clock now and the rain has passed, the sun is shining, and the clouds have lifted to reveal snow on the mountains. We have been to the shops and stocked up on provisions and are now sitting in the sun making use of the wifi, and watching a mummy and daddy bird feed their 5 chicks. The weather forecast is perfect for the rest of the week so we should be able to do the walks we have planned… A 5 hour one tomorrow and two longer ones later in the week.

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