26th July: a day of mixed weather

About 10 hours after leaving home we were snuggled up in our bed in Calais. I’m always impressed with the tunnel. Its so fast and easy. And because we arrived after midnight, the roads were empty and we found the stopover without any problems. It was dark and very busy but we quickly found a place to squeeze in to, hopefully without waking too many other campers up.

After a disturbed night, because rain meant we had to jump up and close the skylights before the bed was soaked, we woke very early… About 5.30 British time. I made a cup of tea and we took it onto the prom to drink. A ferry had just arrived in the port. If it had been sunny we’d have been tempted to have a morning on the beach but, as it was cloudy, we decided to hit the road early.

The roads were empty until the cars from the ferry started to catch us up. After an hour we stopped at a picnic service area and I started to prepare breakfast. All of a sudden the heavens opened and the car park was flooded within seconds. We enjoyed watching the lightning and, meanly, laughed at the people stuck in the toilets waiting for the rain to abate before they went back to their cars.

By the time we got to Lac du Der, south of Rheims, where we planned to stay the sun was shining. We treated ourselves to lunch and a bottle wine in a bar by the lake, followed by a swim and a snooze. Perfect! We can’t believe our luck so far, everything is going really well. Lets hope it stays that way!

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