27th July: We reach the Alps

We had a lovely evening yesterday. We sat where it was peaceful, away from the crowds in the bars, and watched the sunset go down on the lake. Unfortunately we hadn’t taken a camera and by the time I walked back and got one, the bright pink sun had gone!

As soon as we got into bed, fireworks started but we were too tired to get up again and go and watch them. When the display finished, I wondered if I’d struggle to get to sleep because there were so many people leaving in their cars, but I was out like a light.

I was very pleased to wake without the headache that I’ve had since smacking the bike rack into the back of my head. We had a cup of tea in bed and then washed and dressed and hit the road.

After stops for breakfast and lunch, we finally reached our stopover site in Chamonix. It was a long but, thankfully, straightforward journey as the roads were quite clear, and we passed through some beautiful landscapes, from fields of sunflowers and vineyards to glacial lakes and rivers and snow capped mountains, Mont Blanc towering above the rest.

Now for a cold beer, somewhere shady. It is so hot, I think we’ll be staying in town until the van cools down x

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