At last we feel as though we are getting organised for our road trip. Friends have asked me if I’m excited and my honest reply has been ‘not really… I haven’t thought about it’. I am the most disorganised I have ever been before a holiday. Not stressing about every little detail for weeks beforehand is a rather odd feeling for a control freak, like me! Maybe I’m changing and becoming more relaxed, which has to be a good thing!

I suggest we haven’t done anything to prepare, but that’s not entirely true. Over recent weeks, we have made improvements to the camper van and are now completely self sufficient. The solar panel, LPG gas bottle, bike rack and safe have all been fitted. All we will need is somewhere to fill up with water.

Today we have checked over everything that lives in the van: the towels, toiletries, first aid kit, kitchenware, BBQ, and so on. John has prepared the bikes while I packed the bike and hiking gear, and all the toys: scuba mask and flippers, fishing rod, bat and ball, and so on. Every nook and cranny in the van has been filled with something! There are even 2 kettlebells in the gas locker!

Our clothes are in neat piles in the spare room; the washing line is groaning; the passports and other paperwork are in a folder; and all the electrical gear is charged and packed in its bag. I have made endless lists; things to tell Jean, jobs for John; food to take; last minute packing; jobs around the house before we leave.

Now its time for a rest. We are enjoying a cold drink in the sunshine. John has lit the BBQ while I paint my toenails…. Turquoise… That definitely means we’re going on holiday! I am finally getting excited 🙂

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