Holiday time!

We’ve travelled to Dubrovnik in Croatia today. After too much wine and Chinese last night, I unfortunately woke at 2.48 and couldn’t get back to sleep. As if getting up at 4.15 wasn’t going to be bad enough! Never mind, at least I had time for a leisurely brew and a long cuddle with Millie before it was time to wake John.

The journey to the airport was fine, as was checking in. Security, however, was another matter! Although we had a pass for fast track security, it took about 3/4 of an hour after my rucksack was selected for further investigation. It turns out leaving my spare lenses in the bag was the wrong thing to do, despite them travelling to Tasmania and back on 6 flights with no issues! Anyway, after that, the journey went well and we were sitting in the sunshine with a beer by lunchtime.

Tony at Bokum Guesthouse in Dubrovnik was very welcoming and gave us lots of information and advice on the area before showing us to our home for the week. The guesthouse has 8 rooms and 3 self catering suites, and we have the best of the suites, which I’d been hoping for. It’s on the top floor with lovely views, and is small but perfectly formed, with a bathroom, bedroom and lounge with kitchenette.

After my early start, I’ve been tired all day so we decided to take it easy. Rather than going into the old town, we’ve had a wander around Gruz harbour, by our hotel, and the Babin Kuk peninsula. Although it’s windy and cloudy, it’s very warm and we’ve been in shorts and t shirts. We’ve enjoyed beautiful views over the sea, and there are lots of lovely old buildings inland, and posh hotels on the shoreline.

Tony recommended visiting the Cave Bar so we did, and loved it! We sat there and watched the sunset over a couple of beers and white wines. By then it was after 6 o’clock so it was time for dinner, then we got a taxi back to our guesthouse because John couldn’t face walking as he had blisters. Now we’re relaxing with a brew.

Tomorrow and Monday, gale force winds and rain are forecast so, tomorrow, we’re planning to have a lie in, then get the bus into the old town. We’ll probably visit a museum or 2 and spend some time in bars watching the world go by…. who knows! I’ll report back when I can!

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