A leisurely weekend: The Coral and crochet

Storm Callum has meant we haven’t be able to do some of the jobs we’d planned to do. The upside of this is that we’ve had a relatively lazy weekend, which has been very welcome after a week with little quality sleep. That said, I’ve been quite productive. I’ve caught up with my photography coursework, we’ve been to see The Coral in Liverpool, and I’ve finished crocheting a rug for the campervan. I even mananged a slow shortish run!

On Friday evening we went over to stay with Steph and Warren on The Wirral. We haven’t seen them since we went to Bearded Theory Festival last May so it was lovely to catch up. The Coral gig was fab and I could see everything because John found we could get up to the balcony. I still felt a bit delicate so it was good not to be squashed in the crowd. I also avoided drinking very much… always a danger when we’re with these guys 😜. Look at the size of the beers they have in the photo compared with my little G&T!

After Steph had made us some delicious bacon butties, we came home on Saturday and pottered around, starting to get ready for our half-term holiday and doing some work on ‘still life’ for my course (see the entry on the photography portfolio page of my blog for more information). Today, John’s been shopping and made a beef stew, while I tidied the house then crocheted. I bought 3 skeins of super chunky wool and a humungous crochet hook at Yarndale, and I’ve made a thick green and grey rug to match the teal cupboards in the campervan. It’s lovely and soft and will be perfect when I’m wandering around in there with bare feet, making our morning brew 😊.

Warren and Steph have inspired me to enter a couple of races and get running again. Warren is doing really well with his running… He even got up to do Birkenhead Park Run on Saturday after a heavy night! Steph struggles with her weight like me but is having a go at tracking her calories and going to the gym, hoping to join us at a race when she can. So… I’ve booked to do 5 miles at Loggerheads next weekend and 5 kilometres at Betws y Coed in November. These are relatively short compared with what we’ve done over the past few years but, hopefully, will be enough to keep me moving and out in the fresh air, and should be places and distances I can enjoy. I hadn’t planned to run today, but when MyFitnessPal pinged saying Steph had done an hour of aerobics, I decided to follow her example and make time for a gentle training run, and to start logging my food again, which I’d stopped when I was ill.

The sunshine after the storm

Now I’ve had a bath, the fire is lit and the Hairy Biker’s beef stew smells delicious, bubbling away in the slow cooker. I’m looking forward to eating it with a glass of red wine, then reading my book and watching Sunday evening telly, curled up on the sofa with John and Millie 👍.

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