Did it!

Well, it’s not a weight loss strategy I’d recommend; however, being ill all week means I’ve met my goal weight earlier than expected. This morning I weigh 59.8 kilograms (9 stone 6 pounds) so I’ve lost 0.8 kilogram (1.7 pounds) in the last week and a total of 6.4 kilograms (1 stone) over the 6 weeks since September the first. I am amazed but very pleased. After the first week, it wasn’t easy but I’m glad I managed to keep the momentum going and it’s good to reach a goal ahead of time for once!


I’m going to have to be careful this weekend not to put weight back on over the next week or 2. I always find it difficult not to over compensate and eat too much after being poorly… although after feeling as though I’ve had a really bad 3-day hangover, it’ll probably be quite easy to stay of the alcohol! It would be nice to lose a little more weight before we go away for October half term in 2 weeks… just so I can put it back on while we’re away! However, I’m happy now I’m well within a healthy BMI range, which for my age, height and gender is 47.4 to 64.3 kilograms (7 stone 6 pounds to 10 stone 2 pounds).


I’m quite pleased I took ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos so I can see the difference in my body. It isn’t huge but the photos do show that I had some excess fat to lose… and that I could still benefit from being a bit leaner. Back to the gym next week methinks!

As well as the gym, I missed my photography course and a couple of days of work this week so I now need to catch up; however, I’m not going to rush anything. I’m going to take it easy today and over the weekend and make sure I’m well. John and I are going to see The Coral with friends tonight, but after that I think a relaxing weekend is a good idea.

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