I’m sorry …

…If my previous post sounded as though I was complaining about my life or wanted sympathy. That wasn’t my intention. I’m conscious that social media generally makes people’s lives look wonderful, and someone once deleted me as a Facebook friend because my posts were always too happy…. honestly!

I want my blog to be real… warts and all. With yesterday’s blog, it probably didn’t help only posting an excerpt on Facebook. I think the whole blog is more positive and makes it clearer that I’m ok. Although I primarily blog for myself to record my memories because I love looking back at what John and I have done, I also want people to know that my life isn’t perfect and that I have difficult times too. Since I had anxiety and depression a number of years ago, I think it’s important to be open about how we feel, and to encourage others to share their feelings. I’m thankfully well now and no longer take antidepressants, and I find talking or writing about things before they become a problem helps me. Somehow it helps me see what’s most important and restores some balance in my life.

I’m lucky I don’t ‘need’ to post my feelings on social media for everyone to see… I don’t need to cry out for attention. I have John and plenty of friends who I know will help me if I ask. I’m very grateful for them and I’d like to thank everyone who did contact me with words of help and encouragement, and who shared that they sometimes feel the same too. It helps to know you’re not alone.

I am fine, and already my task list for this week looks better. Yesterday I could have kissed the photography tutor when he said I didn’t need to take any photos for homework, and I was pleased when the camera club meeting was cancelled this week and the speaker postponed. John and I have some time at home over the next few weekends so I’m sure we’ll have time to relax as well as getting some jobs around the house and garden done. All is well.

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  1. Hi Tim. You’re welcome. We were so pleased to see your notes and be able to return it. The blog on the weekend in Skipton and Malham will follow shortly. It’s written… I just need to edit some more photos to add to it 🙂


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