Shocking my body!

Day 1 has gone pretty well… but then I suppose day 1s generally do and it gets harder as time goes by and motivation wanes for one reason or another. Our bikes have been in for a service so John suggested a run up to Rhyl to collect them. Even though it’s a flat cycle path alongside the river, when I started a gentle jog, my body went into shock. I felt as though it was saying ‘What? Run carrying an extra 12 pounds? You’re having a laugh!’

I let myself have a short walk at each gate and we soon reached the bike shop. We must have run about 5k, although I didn’t record my speed and distance because the battery in my running watch had died… well, it has been a while!

We sat and had a coffee before we picked up our bikes. We then decided to cycle along the prom to Prestatyn, up the cycle track to Dyserth and back to Rhuddlan. This took us about an hour so, together with running for 40 minutes, we’ve had a decent workout and, hopefully, burnt a little fat.

Back at home, I updated my weight in the Fitbit and MyFitnessPal websites, set some goals, and logged my food for the day. By making healthy meal choices, I just about have enough calories for gin and tonic without using any of the extra calorie allowance from exercising!

We’re camping near Llandegla tonight and run/walking tomorrow. The weather forecast is uncertain so we’ve chosen a lower level walk, rather than a mountain. We have some individually wrapped croissants in the campervan, which are leftover from a trip last Thursday. I wonder if I can manage them within my allowance tomorrow.

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