Cruising on Wolfgangsee

We’ve been ‘proper tourists’ today, cruising up and down Wolfgangsee, sipping wine and beer.

After a lie in, we walked round the hill between the campsite and the town of Strobl to catch the ferry. The path was beautiful, contouring the hillside, above the blue-green water of the lake.

We saw the ferry coming into the town and just made it in time. On board, we chose a table outside so we could see the views better and enjoy the sunshine. It’s s been a very pleasant day, although cooler in the breeze in the middle of the lake.

The ferry made 5 stops before it reached the far end of the lake at St Gilgen, then turned around to head back by the same route. We decided to get off for something to eat at St Wolfgang and ended up at the same restaurant as last time, which was lovely.

From St Wolfgang, it wasn’t far back to Strobl, and we retraced our steps on foot back to the campsite. The ferry was a lovely, lazy way to spend the day, enjoying the views of the towns bordering the lake, and the mountains above… also seeing people swimming, paddle boarding and boating on the lake, and the ducks and grebes searching for food to feed their babies.

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