Panorama cycle tour

We chose to do a bike tour today, downloading a 50 kilometre route from the website for the Müllerthal region, which really is excellent, with lots of suggestions for things to do.

We started on top of a relatively high plateau at Berdorf, which meant we were going to finish with a big climb! The route was lovely and varied, passing through wooded valleys and open green fields, dotted with sleepy villages. We had hoped to stopped for coffee but, at this time of year, cafés seemed non existent!

The route was on quiet lanes and cycle tracks… perfect for our first bike ride in a long time. I was pleased to find I hadn’t forgotten how to use my gears, or clip in and out of my pedals!

The region is very hilly… in fact, at times, it all felt as though it was all uphill! The downhills on beautiful sweeping lanes were over far too fast! Eventually, we had a long and steep descent down to the River Sûre valley, which we then followed into the town of Echternach.

By now, we’d cycled 45 kilometres and I was starving. The first two bars we tried were no longer serving food, even though it wasn’t quite 2 o’clock. Feeling hangry, we found a table at a third. Thankfully, they were still serving and we wolfed down toasties and fries before setting off again.

It was uphill all the way back to Berdorf and I was glad of the motor on my bike as we climbed through woodland, past amazing sandstone cliffs. It’s such a beautiful area, I’m surprised there are so few British people here. I think we’ll have another walk tomorrow… my bum and shoulders aren’t used to cycling!

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  1. I am so envious of your E bike! It really makes cycling so very accessible. The countryside is so very green! I know I mentioned it before, but coming from a water scarce country, this is just remarkable to me!

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    1. I love my bike. It means I worry less about how far we’re going and how many hills there are, and helps me keep up with John 😊 It is very green here. It feels even more noticeable than in England and Wales, possibly because we’re travelling through so many open spaces.


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