Sandstone caves, clefts and cliffs

We’ve had a fabulous walk from the campsite today, exploring a trail leading through and around amazing rock formations in beautiful woods. It was only meant to be 4 kilometres long but ended being 6 or 7 with all the exploring we did, then 9 with a detour for something to eat in Berdorf.

As soon as we left the campsite, we dropped into a narrow valley, criss crossed with bridges and walkways between sandstone cliffs.

Then we climbed steps and an iron ladder through sandstone cliffs known as Raiberhiel and Alderhorst. It was fun squeezing through narrow, deep clefts in the rock.

After this, we crossed a bridge between the cliffs to reach the top of the escarpment at Däiwelsinsel. The views over the valley of the Black Ernz were great, despite the cloudy weather.

The path continued to wind through the woods past many more sandstone cliffs. Some walkers in front of us were taking pictures of two fluffy owls near the path… one in a holly bush and other on a rock. They looked like babies who may have fallen from their nest. I hope they survive.

Soon after this we reached the climbing area at Wanterbaach. A permit is required to climb here but it looked great fun for people not of a nervous disposition, like me!

There was so much to see on the walk. Next we came across Siweschlëff (seven gorges) where deep crevices have divided the sandstone into a labyrinth of high stone towers. There were signposts for a short trail through the 7 clefts in the rocks. However, I gave up at number 7 because it became very narrow and I thought I might get wedged in it!

From here, we meandered through the wood back to the campsite and then into the town of Berdorf. By now it was well past lunchtime so we stopped for food and drink, both of which were delicious, before returning to Bertie. All in all, an excellent day!

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