Moving to Berdorf

Today we’ve left Camping Kockelscheuer, which was perfect to visit Luxembourg City. We’ve moved to Camping Martbusch in Berdorf, where we plan to do lots of hiking and cycling. The country is so small, it doesn’t take long to travel anywhere!

After the obligatory croissants for breakfast, we packed up and hit the road via the Vallée des Sept (7) Chateau, of which we only visited two. Our first stop was Ansembourg, a 17th century renaissance château with turrets. We wandered around the gardens and met two cats, one of which was about to pop with kittens!
Despite being very rotund, she followed us round the garden… very cute. 😊

The next place we stopped to visit was Larochette, a market town with a castle perched on a sandstone crag above it.

The 11th – 16th castle was destroyed by fire in 1565. The ruins cover the crag, although the 14th century fortified residence has now been restored.

After exploring the castle, we spent a couple of hours walking through trees, where we saw three deer disappear into the forest. Then, after about 45 minutes, we reached some interesting sandstone crags. We climbed up to explore these before wandering along lanes back to the town, arriving at Bertie just as it started to rain.

Now we’re on a campsite in the region known as Petite Suisse Luxembougeoise (Little Swiss Luxembourg), and have been making plans, choosing which walks and bike rides we’d like to do. We’re here for at least five days, possibly a week, so I hope the rain stops. The area is beautiful and there’s lots to see… woodlands, streams and waterfalls, and dramatic rock formations. In the meantime, after doing 80000 steps in 4 days, I’m glad of a bit of rest!

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