Bike ride to Lago di Braies

We had a relatively lazy start today because it’s our last day on the campsite and we wanted to get the washing done. It’s been really sunny so we’ve managed to get two loads washed and dried, ready for our 7-day trek.

We haven’t done nothing though. While I wrote the blog for yesterday, John got the bikes ready so we could go up and see Lago di Braies. It’s a very pretty lake about 20 kilometres away, lots of it uphill on the way there!

The cycle track was lovely, along rivers, through meadows and forest, and past pretty villages. We stopped for lunch on the way up, before carrying on again. I needed my motor now to help me up the steep bits.

It was very busy at the lake but we knew it would be, despite the toll and parking fees. It’s very pretty and I’d love to visit at a quieter time, earlier in the morning or in the evening. Maybe we’ll camp there one day when we can travel out of high season.

We then returned to the campsite, both enjoying the downhills, and the beer stop. Now we’ve started getting organised ready to move on. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to blog again as we may not have wifi until we’re on a campsite again, in 10 days time. Soon Bertie will stay at an Airbnb while we do our trek. Hopefully it won’t be too much of an adventure!

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