August 27th: The road trip ends

We rose early and drove to the Eurotunnel terminal, allowing a little extra time to sort out our lack of passports. Showing our driving licences, we got through French immigration straight away (they were obviously glad to get rid of us 😉 ) but at British immigration we were taken aside and advised it would take half an hour to do some paperwork and checks. I hoped we’d left enough time to get our train.

A lady took our driving licences and gave us a form to fill in. About 10 minutes later an immigration officer came over to ask for more details. We explained that our passports aren’t lost…they are at a campsite in Italy… and that I had photographs of our passports and could give them the passport numbers. The man took our forms, which contained all the details. He said he was satisfied with our explanation and that, if we were happy to, we could have the passports posted back; he wouldn’t need to cancel the passports. Therefore, all being well, we shouldn’t have to pay for new ones. Phew!

We had plenty of time to get the train and, just 45 minutes later were back in England. After a quick stop for petrol, we set off to Waltham Abbey to meet up with my sister in law for a coffee. We hadn’t spoken for 3 years and it was really good to catch up. Unfortunately we ran out of time to hear all of each other’s news, but hopefully it won’t be long until we see each other again.

The rest of our journey home went well, although the roads were busy. We arrived home at 3.30, having travelled 2,656 miles and passed through England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and Belgium.

It’s good to be home. We were greeted by a present from Millie and Phoebe. Thank you so much for looking after them Jean, and for everything else which you have done, and always do for us.

Phoebe was home when we arrived and was pleased to see us. We shouted for Millie to no avail, but before too long she turned up yawning… she’d obviously been fast asleep somewhere. She rolled on her back and also seemed to pleased to see us 🙂 Phoebe is now settled on John’s knee… her favourite place!

It took two hours to unpack the van and put everything away, but we are now settled with a cup of tea. We’re then going to treat ourselves to a Chinese… last treat before I weigh myself and see what damage has been done! Then we’re off to bed as our bodies are an hour ahead and I have work tomorrow. We’ve had a fantastic time: now back to reality!

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