A relaxing day, with unintended side effects

Sunburn and hangovers (luckily both minor) were not today's intended outcomes... oops! That said, we’ve had a brilliant day, relaxing and going with the flow. After breakfast, we packed the van, left the campsite and headed off to explore further along the Rhine. First stop was Loreley, at the narrowest part of the Rhine. We... Continue Reading →

A big ride up and down the Rhine

Today we planned to cross the Rhine on a ferry, cycle down the far bank of the river, then catch another ferry back across and cycle back to Braubach where we’re staying… a bike ride of 45 miles (72 kilometres). We wanted to visit a couple of pretty towns, including one with medieval wall, get... Continue Reading →

Marksburg Castle & Braubach

We had a lovely night’s sleep and, on waking, ate breakfast, tidied Bertie, paid the bill and set off for Germany. After we left, our first stop was Lidl. We couldn’t shop before we left home because, since Brexit, we can’t take dairy products, meat or fruit and veg into Europe. That said, we did... Continue Reading →

Home to Harwich to Holland

It’s been a long 24 hours with some ups and downs. John got away from work quickly for a change and was home by 3.45. He had a brew, put the bikes on the back of the van and changed, and we were ready to leave within the hour. The drive to Harwich was estimated... Continue Reading →

It’s been a long time coming

Our trip to Germany was originally booked in 2019, for travel at Easter 2020. Then Covid-19 arrived. At that time, 2 years ago, I don’t think anyone realised how long the pandemic would last and the disruption it would cause. Like many other planned events for us and most people, the ferry booking from Hull... Continue Reading →

Review and reflections

Now we're back to reality, I thought I'd reflect on our holiday with Velo Tours Spain in a blog. John and I usually plan and arrange our own adventures, and it's unusual for us to book a complete package and let someone else arrange everything. Thankfully, our experience this time was perfect! Also, we’ve recently... Continue Reading →

Sun, sea, ice cream and a paddle

Today we were cycling to the coast for an ice cream and a paddle. It should be downhill from the mountains, right? Wrong! What I’d expected to be a fairly easy day was actually pretty tough… 83 kilometres with 1100 metres of ascent. My body is used to cycling now though, so I took it... Continue Reading →

One day, two cols

Today we tackled the Coll de Rates, which is a 6.5 kilometre, 5% climb to 626 metres. Although it’s not the steepest or longest climb in the area, it seems to be the climb that everyone wants to do, including the professional cyclists who train in the Costa Blanca region. After Coll de Rates we... Continue Reading →

A perfect spot for lunch

It was Tiffany and Dave’s day off today but they very kindly invited us to join them for lunch at their favourite restaurant, Refugio Vista Bernia. Dave also offered to take us for a sight seeing tour of the local villages before we cycled 12 kilometres uphill to the restaurant. It was a beautiful morning... Continue Reading →

When even rain is fun…

…mostly! The bike ride to the beach was off for a second time today. Despite the forecast for the morning previously having been good, we awoke to a grey sky and light showers. Over breakfast, we decided that it would be safer to go walking than cycling on wet and slippery roads. In any case,... Continue Reading →

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