Team work makes the dream work

Or so they say! Certainly we had a much easier day on the canal today (day 4). We worked well together and got into a little routine at the locks, and there were no dramas at all! Parked up in a peaceful spot on the canal, we had a lovely night’s sleep. Then, before we... Continue Reading →

A catalogue of canal errors

After a lovely meal out with family who we haven’t seen for a long while, we returned to find our narrowboat at a rather alarming angle. In the few hours we’d been away, the water level in the canal had dropped, leaving us grounded. There wasn’t much we could do about it at 11 o’clock... Continue Reading →

Floating along on the Rochdale Canal

‘Don’t do it’, they said. ‘You and John’ll be bored’, they said. So I thought I was in for a relaxing holiday… floating along, glass in hand… getting off the narrow boat occasionally to open some lock gates or do some sight seeing… maybe an occasional walk. How wrong was I? As well as all... Continue Reading →

Lon Las Cymru day 7: the end!

We awoke to bright sunshine, although the wind was still strong. After breakfast, we were ready to take on the last leg of our trip, firstly up to Holyhead where national cycle route 8 finishes, then across to Llaneilian where our friends live. I don’t think either of us could believe we were approaching the... Continue Reading →

Lon Las Cymru day 6: home territory!

We’d expected today to be easier because the ascent wasn’t as high as we’ve done over the last few days; however, we struggled. We’re starting to have a few aches and pains and, I’m not going to lie, our nether regions are starting to feel a bit sore! As well as these issues, by the... Continue Reading →

Lon Las Cymru day 4: a delightful day!

Once again it’s sunny! We’ve been very lucky with the weather so far. After breakfast, John checked our bikes and oiled the chains, then we were ready to leave. We’ve mainly followed quiet lanes today, starting off along the Wye valley, through woods and past meadows of bluebells and buttercups, to Llangurig. We had planned... Continue Reading →

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