Scary moments on Graukogel

Today’s hike turned into a bit of a drama when, following the route from our book, we ended up on our hands and knees on a rocky ridge with steep drops on each side, unable to see the way ahead because both the path and route markers had vanished. Cue a bit of a meltdown... Continue Reading →

Catching the ferry from Harwich

We had an uneventful journey from home to Harwich. It took about 6 hours with a stop for something to eat. On arriving, we had a wander round the historic town for a couple of hours. Then we had a lovely meal before catching the ferry, and John was pleased to have a pint of... Continue Reading →

C2C & HCW day 4: Hexham to Carlisle

What a beautiful day! Hadrian’s Wall Cycleway didn’t disappoint and the weather was perfect. The only downside today was our sore nether regions, which made bumpy sections of the route particularly challenging 😆. From the elevation profile of today’s route, we could see it was going to be another rollercoaster day. When we reached the... Continue Reading →

C2C & HCW day 3: Stanley to Hexham

100 kilometres! I have just cycled 100 kilometres! Without complaining… not much anyway 😆. I expected to struggle with it, but I was fine… until the last half hour when it chucked it down with rain anyway! We set off today on the Consett and Sunderland Railway path through lovely scenery. We were very lucky... Continue Reading →

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