Did it!

Well, it's not a weight loss strategy I'd recommend; however, being ill all week means I've met my goal weight earlier than expected. This morning I weigh 59.8 kilograms (9 stone 6 pounds) so I've lost 0.8 kilogram (1.7 pounds) in the last week and a total of 6.4 kilograms (1 stone) over the 6... Continue Reading →

Wool and walks, a Yorkshire weekend

There is a God out there. After worrying about all that's ahead of me this week and my continually expanding 'to do' list, I have very little photography course homework this week and photography club has been cancelled. We've had 2 new single night Airbnb bookings for this Wednesday and Saturday, which nearly sent me... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry …

...If my previous post sounded as though I was complaining about my life or wanted sympathy. That wasn't my intention. I'm conscious that social media generally makes people's lives look wonderful, and someone once deleted me as a Facebook friend because my posts were always too happy.... honestly! I want my blog to be real...... Continue Reading →


... That's how I seem to spend most of my time feeling at the moment. My 'to do' list never seems to get any shorter and, although I think I should be able to do everything I plan to do, maybe I'm expecting too much of myself. I'm just about getting through everything, but I... Continue Reading →

I have a dream…

... about me and John leaving our house and work behind and taking off in the campervan... travelling through Europe to places further afield, making a little money here and there by blogging about the things we love, such as wild camping, sight seeing, hiking, running and photography; selling the occasional photo of the beautiful places... Continue Reading →

Back in the game

I've had a weekend off counting calories and tracking my exercise, and its been lovely to relax without thinking about whether to eat something or not and whether, if I do, I should exercise to burn it off. However, it wasn't as lovely this morning to find out I've put 0.6 kilograms back on! We... Continue Reading →

When the going gets tough

Some weeks are just tough, for no good reason... I seem to have got lots wrong  in my attempt to lose weight this week and I don't really know why. I generally haven't slept very well, I haven't done enough steps and I have eaten too many snacks. I haven't tracked my food in advance... Continue Reading →

Surviving the weekend

Surviving the weekend' might make it sound as though we've had a bad weekend. We haven't... It's been fab! However, it has been difficult in weight loss terms. A pub tea, cake in a cafe, too much alcohol and a hangover have made it difficult to stick to my plan. My calories were well over... Continue Reading →

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