Amazing structures in Central Scotland

Having just spent an enjoyable but tiring weekend with Chris, Claire, Nicole and Rachael… walking, rugby and a kids Halloween party… we’re now exploring Central Scotland. Today we’ve seen three very different and impressive structures… the Antonine Wall, The Falkirk Wheel and Stirling Castle. The Antonine Wall is a 60-kilometre (37-mile) rampart, which was built... Continue Reading →

From St Wolfsgang to Aschaffenburg

Google Maps said today's journey would be 5 and a half hours, but it was more like 8 hours. We're used to journeys taking longer than predicted in Bertie, especially with toilet and food breaks added in, but it did seem a particularly long day. The motorway through Germany was very busy and there were... Continue Reading →

Our last day… a relaxing one

This was the last proper day of our holiday as the next 3 days will be spent travelling home. It was a lovely morning, so we took our first morning brew down to the pier. The campsite was still quiet and we stayed for a while, enjoying the tranquility. We’d booked an extra night and... Continue Reading →

Packrafting on Hallstätter See

Yesterday we had a lovely day packrafting on Hallstātter See. I’d read that Hallstatt was a pretty place, with16th century alpine houses, so we thought we’d park up on the lake and paddle to see the town from the lake. I did fancy visiting the salt mines there too, but we didn’t get around to... Continue Reading →

Cruising on Wolfgangsee

We’ve been ‘proper tourists’ today, cruising up and down Wolfgangsee, sipping wine and beer. After a lie in, we walked round the hill between the campsite and the town of Strobl to catch the ferry. The path was beautiful, contouring the hillside, above the blue-green water of the lake. We saw the ferry coming into... Continue Reading →

5 Sees bike ride

We’re in the Salzkammergut, which is the Austrian Lake District and has over 70 lakes. After a lazy day yesterday because it rained, we planned to cycle round Wolfgangsee today. However, instead, we decided on a route that passed 5 lakes or sees as they are called here. First we set off uphill to Schwarzensee,... Continue Reading →

St Wolfgang and Salzburg

We’re arrived in St Wolfgang on Thursday. It was a bit too early to check into the campsite so we had a wander round the town, picked up leaflets in tourist information and had lunch. St Wolfgang is a pretty town on Wolfgangsee, with narrow streets, lovely chalet hotels with colourful window boxes, and charming... Continue Reading →

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