Looking around Leiden

Today we’ve had a lovely day exploring the old university town of Leiden. We woke at 8.10 after a great night’s sleep... I hope there are lots more lie ins to come now we’ve finally relaxed and entered holiday mode. I fancied a croissant and coffee for brekkie so, after a cup of tea in... Continue Reading →

Delightful views of Delft

We woke early and decided to get going, and make our way to Delft. John had read that parking could be difficult so we thought it was a good idea to get there early and find somewhere suitable for the van. I’d researched car parks and found somewhere I thought would be suitable. However, when... Continue Reading →

Windmills galore!

Rubbish night's sleep... the ship was rolling on the sea and the bedside table was creaking for some reason so I tried moving my phone, iPad and bottle water but to no avail. Finally, I turned myself around so my head was sat the opposite end of the bed, away from the bedside table, and... Continue Reading →

Road trip time!

We woke quite early, excited to begin our trip to The Netherlands. John made me a cup of tea and came up with Millie, who lay purring next to me on the bed. Afterwards, we washed, dressed and had breakfast , then we packed the van. We were amazed how easily everything fitted in... our... Continue Reading →

Tulips and windmills

John and I are looking forward to our first full road trip in Bertie Boxlife over Easter, sailing from Hull to Rotterdam and spending 2 weeks exploring The Netherlands. We've been very busy for the past few months and we're looking forward to winding down... lie ins, reading, crochet, films and food. Amongst other things,... Continue Reading →

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