Canals, dykes, polders and meers

We actually managed a lie in today, probably because the campsite was quiet, my hot flushes didn’t bother me too much, and we didn’t have any firm plans to get up for. By the time we’d had a few cups of tea, a coffee and something to eat, and had done a few chores around the van, it was noon. The weather has been beautiful again, so we set of for another bike ride.

The area we’re staying in called Groene Hart is typical of south Holland. The area is below sea level and the once wet land has been drained and reclaimed by putting the water into canals, creating polders protected by raised dykes. There are also lots of marshes and lakes called meers.  The houses in the area are all very pretty, and all very different. I loved the ones with drawbridges over the dykes!

There is a network of cycling paths through the area, past dairy and sheep farms, green fields, windmills and old villages. It’s often traffic free and it was lovely exploring the area in the sunshine, enjoying the scenery. We both found it fascinating how the water is often higher than the land, the opposite of what is usual in the UK. We were lucky to catch a little ferry across one of lakes, which was fun.

Back at the van we had a cup of tea then went over to meet some people who are members of a Knaus Motorhome owners’ Facebook group that we’re in, who happen to be on the same campsite. We had an enjoyable couple of hours chatting with John and Jean over a couple of glasses of wine before coming back to have dinner. This was onion soup, grown and made on the farm we’re staying on. It was delicious!





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