Tulips and windmills


John and I are looking forward to our first full road trip in Bertie Boxlife over Easter, sailing from Hull to Rotterdam and spending 2 weeks exploring The Netherlands. We’ve been very busy for the past few months and we’re looking forward to winding down… lie ins, reading, crochet, films and food. Amongst other things, we want to cycle through tulip fields, paddle on canals past windmills, and explore old towns.

We’re self sufficient with the solar panel and LPG gas tank, so we’ll stay on aires most of the time, occasionally visiting campsites if we need to do some washing or empty the waste. There are plenty of places we’d like to visit but we have no firm plans. The Netherlands is a relatively small country, 1.8 times the area of Wales, but we’ll probably still only see a small proportion of what it has to offer. We’re just going to relax and take our time, going with the flow. I can’t wait!

As well as my blog, John and I are both going to experiment with the Polarsteps app. This will track our route and we’ll be able to add photos and text as we travel. I think it might help me with the blog because I think it’ll be easier to update as we travel, and less time consuming. It may even replace the blog! Who knows? Time will tell.



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