Road trip time!

We woke quite early, excited to begin our trip to The Netherlands. John made me a cup of tea and came up with Millie, who lay purring next to me on the bed. Afterwards, we washed, dressed and had breakfast , then we packed the van. We were amazed how easily everything fitted in… our clothes in the cupboards above the bed, the food in the fridge and kitchen drawers, and the kayaking, cycling and running gear in boxes under the bed. We then did the last jobs around the house, watering the plants, emptying the bins and dishwasher and hanging the washing out to dry, and were ready to leave by 12.00. I’m really sad leaving Millie, but I know she’s in good hands with Aunty Jean and Aunty Sue.

After driving for about an hour and a half we stopped at the services for a ‘dirty burger’ and coffee, eating it in the camper an and enjoying the sunshine.


The journey went well and we had plenty of time to spare before we had to be at the ferry port in Hull. Therefore, we stopped at the Humber Bridge Country Park to have a look at the bridge and stretch our legs. The bridge is pretty impressive, spanning the wide Humber estuary. There was also a black windmill, and a row of pretty cottages dwarfed by the bridge. Funny that the first windmill of the trip has been seen in England, not Holland!


Then it was time to make our way to the port for the overnight ferry to Rotterdam. It was easy to find and we joined the queue to get on the ferry. Of course, we picked the wrong lane, where the lady seemed to have problems at every car in front of us! However, we finally got through and were directed onto deck 3 with the lorries, then made our way in the lift to our cabin on deck 10, which is nicer than I expected.

The ferry left early… I assume because everyone was already on board! After a drink in the bar, we’ve had dinner and now I’m (obviously!) writing my blog before we go to bed. We’re listening to an Argentinian guy playing acoustic guitar and singling rock music… John’s in his element! We’re excited for our first day in the Netherlands, with plans to see lots of windmills, not far from the port of Rotterdam.

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