10th August: A perfect paddle

We both agreed that today's paddle was our best ever. It even beats the sea paddles when I've seen seals and caves, I think!¬†We thought we'd missed the opportunity because when I woke and looked at the clock it was 9.48 and we'd agreed to leave at 10.00. John got dressed and dashed to see... Continue Reading →

7th August: Ubaye Trail Salomon race

Today was race day. We woke early, partly because the marshals seemed to be meeting where we'd parked, before heading off to their checkpoints, partly because of pre race nerves. The marathon started at 8.00 and the half marathon at started 9.00, shortly before our 12k at 9.10. We were very apprehensive because this was... Continue Reading →

3rd August: Paddle on the Durance

I was brave today. I went paddling. John, Dan and Matthew, took vehicles to the get out point 10 kilometres up the river and, when they were back we got on at the campsite. I was really apprehensive because I haven't paddled for a while and the river looked quite fast to me. However, Dan... Continue Reading →

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