11th August: Preparing for part 2 of our holiday

Tomorrow, we leave the camper van parked on the campsite and start a 6-day trek, roughly following the highest sections of the Tour de Queyras, staying in mountain refuges and Gite d’etapes. Therefore, today we’re draining the waste tank and refilling the clean water tank, emptying the toilet, bins and fridge, and locking the bikes and kayaks on the racks.

We also need to prepare for the walk… washing walking gear, packing our essentials into our rucksacks, charging the camera, GPS, Kindle and our phones, and checking the route. We also need to check bus times, buy tickets, get cash and make sandwiches. It’s going to be a busy day, but there’s time for beer and ice cream!

Although it’s sad that part 1 of the trip is ending, we’re really looking forward to our next adventure, climbing and treking through some 3000m mountains. We may not have any wifi for a week so I’ll have to catch up with my diary when I can. Goodbye for now!

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