5th August: Run around Rue des Masques

We are doing a 12k trail race on Sunday so today we had decided we need to do some training. We had planned a walk to get used to more altitude, but it rained in the night and, when we woke up this morning, the hills and mountains were hidden in the clouds. It was nice and cool and perfect for a run. I’d found a 10k local route with a reasonable amount of ascent, which sounded good, so we decided to go for it.

As often happens, the hardest part of the route was finding the way out of the town! We got lost a couple of times but soon found the hill we were looking for, just outside Guillestre, Pain du Sucre. It was a steep climb to the top but the view was worth it.

We then set off to find Rue des Masques, where legend has it that the witches played boules with boulders that had fallen from the cliffs, which are made up of a conglomerate ‘pudding’ rock.

We followed a trail through the woods, winding below steep cliffs.

The views across the gorge and towards Mont Dauphin fort were amazing. We could see a waterfall gushing over the cliff and decided to climb up to find it. It’s top left in the picture below.

We couldn’t get too near because the scree was unstable after the rain, but we still got drenched!

Climbing back down we ran further up the valley before climbing steeply back up again to Guillestre. After a quick flannel wash in the van we’re now sitting in the sunshine enjoying a coffee and a beer, and making use of the wifi.

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