8th August: SUPing and cycling

We had a lie in today after our busy day yesterday and, although we had planned to go walking, decided to have a day on the campsite. We did our huge bag of washing and read for a bit while it dried, then borrowed Dan’s stand up paddle boards and went to play on the lake.

We did pretty well considering this was only our second time on SUPs, managing a circuit of the lake. There were some huge fish swimming beneath us.

All the bread had sold out in the campsite shop and we were too lazy to go to the supermarket so we treated ourselves to a leisurely lunch at a restaurant on the lake. Steak frites for John and goats cheese salad for me.

We read and dozed in the afternoon then, when it got a bit cooler, went for a 10k bike ride up the river returning on the other side. It was listed as a family route but was actually a mountain bike route, and quite rough and rocky. It was good to get used to my mountain bike and I was quite brave in the latter stages of the route.

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