18th August: Wank

Ok… Who sniggered? Or is it just me and John that find the name of this mountain amusing? I had an awful night’s sleep with so many hot flushes that I felt as though I was lying in a puddle all night! At 7 we decided we might as well get up and make an... Continue Reading →

16th August: Lautersee and Ferchensee

I was so tired after yesterday’s exertions that I slept until 9 o'clock. The weather was lovely so we decided to go for a walk, rather than moving on to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, our next stopover. However, I insisted that it had to be a relatively easy walk. We took the chair lift up the mountains on... Continue Reading →

14th August: Karwendelbahn cable car

It’s still quite cool today. I’m actually enjoying it. The weather was perfect for walking; I haven’t had to smother myself in sun protection lotion; after my shower I have stayed clean and non sweaty; and I am enjoying wearing my jeans for the first time since we left home 🙂 Anyway, I digress… Today,... Continue Reading →

12th August: Last day on the lake

Beautiful weather again today, thankfully, as we’d planned to spend it at our favourite beach (or lawn!) on the lake. The weekend rush is over and this morning the spot we like was very peaceful. In fact we almost had it to ourselves for the first couple of hours. John took his fishing rod as... Continue Reading →

11th August: Little to report!

There really isn’t much to write about today. We have been just as lazy as we were yesterday, although we did manage a walk today. We got up late again. After breakfast we did a bit of housework… Washing pots and clothes, sweeping etc… And after lunch it was too hot to do anything so... Continue Reading →

10th August: Lazy day :-)

Today we got up, showered, had breakfast, made sandwiches and packed the rucksacks for a walk up the river to a gorge and pretty church, with places to swim in the river. We set off and walked along the prom and that was it, the walk ended! We found the perfect spot for sunbathing and... Continue Reading →

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