11th August: Little to report!

There really isn’t much to write about today. We have been just as lazy as we were yesterday, although we did manage a walk today.

We got up late again. After breakfast we did a bit of housework… Washing pots and clothes, sweeping etc… And after lunch it was too hot to do anything so we sat in the shade, enjoying the peace and reading.

When it got a bit cooler we decided to go for a walk, which was in the top 10 walks in the Italian Lakes book. The walk was pleasant enough but certainly won’t be in our top 10. Nevertheless at least we had some exercise, including a little fitness parcours (a type of trim trail)… Not that we even managed to work up a sweat! 😉

And the gorge at the end of the trail was fairly impressive.

We’ve just had dinner. Eating out isn’t very exciting here… The menus everywhere seem to be the same… So we cooked our own dinner.

Tomorrow is our last day on Lake Maggiore and we’ll probably spend it sunbathing and swimming. While I’ve enjoyed that I’ll be happy to head off to the mountains again and do some more walking.

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