10th August: Lazy day :-)

Today we got up, showered, had breakfast, made sandwiches and packed the rucksacks for a walk up the river to a gorge and pretty church, with places to swim in the river. We set off and walked along the prom and that was it, the walk ended! We found the perfect spot for sunbathing and swimming, and what was going to be a quick swim and dry off turned into the rest of our day.

The deep water meant the area wasn’t really suitable for families so there were mainly older couples and it was relatively peaceful, despite being Saturday. All we did was swim and sunbathe. The temperature was perfect, with a nice breeze stopping it becoming too hot for me.

Apart from an(other huge) ice cream at lunch time, a glass of wine on the way back to the van and a 90% probability of eating out tonight, there is nothing else to report 🙂 Tomorrow could be the same! Cannobio is lovely and at the moment we don’t want to leave.

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