9th August: Cannobio

Today we had a nice lie in and then drove an hour up the lake to Cannobio. We have found a nice, quiet little campsite, which is more expensive than a stopover site but has more facilities. We were originally just thinking of staying for one night but the campsite owner has been really helpful and suggested a few things for us to do here so we may stay three nights.

Today we spent the afternoon on the beach by the lake. Its been a lovely day, which was very welcome after yesterday’s hammering rain and the recent evening storms… We’ve become very blasé about thunder and lightning!

After dinner on the campsite we wandered in to the town, which was more lively than the places we’ve been to recently. There were market stalls along the cobbled streets and the bars, restaurants and cafes were all busy. We had a huge ice cream each. Everyone here seems to eat ice cream rather than drinking alcohol. Unfortunately I have to admit to doing both!

Tomorrow we will probably do a bit more exploring. Maybe a bike ride up the river to see a gorge. Possibly with a picnic and swim in the river. Who knows! The weather forecast is good for the next few days anyway. Although don’t be expecting me to come home with a tan. I’ve either been smothered in factor 20 or sitting in the shade!

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