13th August: We move on to Mittenwald in Germany

We ended up having a late night last night because we stayed up looking for shooting stars. I wasn’t impressed with the so called meteor shower… I only spotted 4 in over an hour, and 2 of those were out of the corner of my eye so I may have been mistaken!

Anyway, we’re both a bit tired today. The journey to Germany seemed to take forever. We passed through Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. Switzerland was busy, Liechtenstein was tiny and as for Austria… John never wants to drive there again! We passed through many miles of badly lit and poorly ventilated tunnels, which gave us both headaches. However, we did come across the best motorway service station we’ve ever been too. As well as looking good on the outside… Just like a row of traditional chalets… It was clean and welcoming inside, and the food choice and quality was excellent, and not a bad price either.

We arrived in Mittenwald, which is just inside Germany, in the Bavarian alps, at around 4 o’clock. After the usual driving round in circles to find the campervan parking, we got settled and had a wander round the town. Its very pretty. The church and many of the houses are decorated in murals, there’s a small stream running through the cobbled streets, and there are lots of lovely pavement bars and cafes. John was pleased to find that the beer is far cheaper than in Italy so we indulged in some in a ‘pub’ full of Bayern Munich scarves and flags.

It’s been cloudy today, as we expected having seen the forecast, and colder than we’ve been used to (only 25 degrees C in the van at 10.30 at night 😉 ). Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow as we’re going to get the cable car up the mountains, which we look out on from the campervan, and walk down. It’d be good to have clear views. Then we need to stock up on shopping and fill up with LPG, which hopefully will be less of a drama than last time!

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