14th August: Karwendelbahn cable car

It’s still quite cool today. I’m actually enjoying it. The weather was perfect for walking; I haven’t had to smother myself in sun protection lotion; after my shower I have stayed clean and non sweaty; and I am enjoying wearing my jeans for the first time since we left home 🙂

Anyway, I digress… Today, as planned we took the cable car up the mountain. We had a wander up to the peak, Nordliche Linderspitze, and looked at the fantastic views. The town looked tiny, about 1400m below.

We couldn’t do the rocky peaks that you can see on the picture below, Westliche Karwendelspitze, because they require hooking on with via ferrata kit: much too scary for us!

Instead, we went through a tunnel in the mountain. In winter this is used by skiers… Must be a pain in ski boots, but, although it was all scree and a pain to walk on, I bet the run down to the valley is amazing when its covered in snow, and probably makes the trek through the tunnel from the lift station worthwhile.

After the scree slopes, we arrived at a hut and had a beer and a bowl of goulash soup for lunch. After this, the path was much easier to walk, and the last section through the trees was very pretty… Although towards the end John did get fed up of all the zigzags!

At about 3.30 we arrived back in the valley. We’ve had a shower and done the shopping and are now catching up on emails etc in a hotel before we find somewhere for dinner. Tomorrow we have a longer walk up (and down!) a 2180m peak, Brunnsteinspitze, planned. About 1400m of ascent from the camper van.

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