16th December: The journey begins

We both managed to get a half day today so we could head down to Gatwick after lunch. We’d finished packing yesterday evening, and I tidied the house first thing, before trying to concentrate on work. When Paul posted a screen shot of the weather on Mount Toubkal, I gave up. It’s very exciting… the forecast is for sunshine, little wind and temperatures well below freezing… perfect!

John arrived home earlier than I expected, which was great, and we were soon ready to leave. Millie had vanished so we didn’t get chance to give her a cuddle and tell her to behave for Jean and Heather, but I’m sure she’s fine… I don’t think she’s shut in anywhere. Anyway, Jean will check when she pops in!

The journey was ok… about 6 hours with 2 stops for hot chocolate and a dirty burger. We did get caught in the tail end of some delays on the M6 but thank goodness we didn’t go down the M1, which was closed for hours!

We left the car in the ‘Summer Special Parking’ at Gatwick… think they need to consider renaming that! Then we caught the car park shuttle bus to the north terminal, followed by the hotel shuttle bus to the Ibis hotel. Our bags are enormous and I struggled to walk with one. I hope the mules are feeling strong tomorrow!

We’re now in bed with a cup of tea and a glass of wine. We have a 5 o’clock start tomorrow for a 7.30 flight to Marrakesh. I hope I can sleep. Tomorrow’s going to be an exciting day!

Hopefully I’ll have wifi in Imlil to do another update, otherwise it’ll probably be the 23rd before I can post again.

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