Waiting for the others, making our mark on the campsite

We woke to news from the others. Their flight from Geneva to Manchester was delayed by a couple of hours so they wouldn’t be here until after 3 o’clock, and we’d need to occupy ourselves until they arrived.

The cloud had lifted and the sun was shining. It was great to be able to see the mountains that were shrouded in cloud yesterday. After a lie in and breakfast we packed everything away and went to empty the toilet an waste water tank.

When I went to have a look in the recreation room, people had painted their countries’ flags on the wall. I said to John that we needed to add a Wales flag. He went to ask if we could and came back with the finger paints. I then traced a dragon from the Welsh flag using my iPad, John cut it out, and then I drew round it onto the wall. We then used our fingers and cotton buds to pain the dragon red, before filling in the green on the bottom of the flag.

We’re really rather pleased with ourselves, and the guy on the campsite liked it too. He kept coming to take photos. The Wales flag is rather intricate to produce!

Afterwards, we had a walk through Bourg St Pierre to the alpine gardens. We also passed a mill on the way. There was a great view over the campsite too. Camping du Grand St Bernard was lovely, and we’d recommend it.

On our way back to the campsite, we had a pizza and salad in an auberge… lovely! Then we drove to Orsières, dumping the last of our cheese in a bin in a lay-by, so we didn’t stink out the van while we’re away! We parked at Hotel Terminus, where Bertie will be staying for the week while we’re trekking, and checked into our room.

We had a text from the others to say they were delayed, and went to the bar for a beer instead of waiting for them on the station platform. Next thing I heard a shout… they’d arrived and had been winding us up. Typical! This is what we have to look forward to over the next 12 days! We dumped our stuff in our rooms, then sat in the bar for a couple of hours, enjoying each others’ company, all rather excited about the next couple of weeks.

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