TMB day 7: Les Contamines to Les Houches

John and I did did the high level variant of the hike today, whereas the others did the low level one. We set ofF early after a good breakfast and, once we hit the town, headed straight uphill. We were surprised how steep the climb was from the start!

After passing the first refuge at Le Truc we dropped down to Miage Refuge, went to the loo and filled our water bottles, then plodded the big 600m climb up to Col de Tricot.

We did really well getting up there, well within the time stated on the signs. We were glad we hadn’t stopped for coffee because we still had some shade for the ascent.

After that it was a great walk over glacial terrain and the Himalayan bridge below Le Miage Glacier. The views were amazing!

It was Sunday and quite busy with day trippers coming in the opposite direction. A pretty balcony path then took us on to Bellevue and a beer and chips at the cable car station.

Then we had a long hot tedious descent to Les Houches. I was pretty grumpy in the heat. 34 degrees down a gravel ski slope is not pleasant!

We met the others in the town for beer and ice cream before going to the hotel, showering and playing cards in the garden before dinner.

Walk stats: 21.5 kilometres, 1349 metres ascent, 7 hours 6 minutes

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