Medieval Tubingen

I’m feeling sorry for myself today because I think what I thought was a cold is actually hay fever. It’s not something I’ve really suffered with before but my eyes are really watery and sore and my nose is runny and itchy. Oh well… if that’s all I have to complain about…

Today has mostly been spent wandering around the medieval city of Tubingen, now mainly known for being a university city.

From the campsite, we walked along the river, then up to Schloss Hohentubigen, a turreted castle that towers above the old city and River Neckar. It’s now home to some of the city’s university departments.

After this we wandered aimlessly along cobbled streets through colourful half-timbered townhouses.

The gothic Rathaus (town hall) on the market square is decorated with beautiful frescos and an astronomical clock.

Sadly, there’s a lot of graffiti in the town… some of it attractive, but much of it just scribbles.

After lunch at a small Greek restaurant on one of the squares, we walked back to the campsite and had a snooze. Now John’s having a bike ride while I write this. Tomorrow we move on to the Black Forest, cuckoo clock country 😊

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