A Belgian castle day

We were woken early by the traffic in Dinant, a small price to pay for a free overnight parking spot. Unfortunately this meant we couldn’t be bothered to wait around for the citadel to open. Maybe we’ll go on our way home.

We set of for Walzin Castle instead, and enjoyed a pleasant riverside walk in beautiful sunshine to reach it. As well as the castle perched high on the cliffs, there’s an old mill, which is being restored.

We had a bit of drama when we got back to Bertie and found a grumpy parking warden. John pretended he couldn’t speak the language and we drove off fast. Hopefully we won’t find a fine in the post when we get home!

Next we visited Vêves Chateau. This was smaller and, as we wandered through the comfortable and cosy rooms, I could imagine living there. The views down the valley were beautiful.

Finally, we stopped in Bouillon, a pretty town nestled into a meander on the River Semois. We’ve found another great free aire to stay at which, although busy with other campervans, seems very peaceful.

From the aire, we had short walk along the river into the town for lunch… local tasting platters and more Belgian beers… there are so many to try!

We then climbed up to Bouillon Castle, a medieval fortress where we enjoyed wandering through the rooms and along the ramparts. We also watched a falconry display.

Back in the town we had another beer… well it would have been wrong to miss the opportunity to sit outside and make the most of the lovely warm sunshine! Then we had an artisan ice cream on the way back to Bertie. It was fascinating watching the cones being made!

Tomorrow the weather forecast looks good again so we’re hoping to go for a hike before we leave Belgium and head to Luxembourg.

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