A day around Bourscheid

We’re staying in Esch-sur-Sûre drive for our last 2 nights in Luxembourg. On the way there, we decided to visit Bourscheid where there’s a (yet another) castle and lots of walking routes.

Following Google Maps to a supermarket on the way, we had a minor drama in Diekirch. We saw the sign and turned into narrow one way street only to be confronted with an underground car park which must have had a height of less than 2m! No warning! Luckily John managed to reverse Bertie onto a pedestrian walkway, turn and leave the wrong way along the one way street, just opposite the police station! 🤣

We parked up at Château de Bourscheid and decided to visit because it was raining. It was €7 each to go in, so not too expensive compared with UK castles.

After exploring for about an hour, we returned to Bertie for lunch. The weather forecast was better for the afternoon so we went for a 10k hike in the hills and valleys around the castle. The route was lovely but wet and slippery in places, and very up and down. During (what felt like) a vertical kilometre up to the view point at Gringlee, I had a bit of a meltdown… I was too hot in my waterproofs but got wet without them in the heavy showers!

The view at the top, over a meander in the River Sûre and towards the castle was worth the effort though. The weather improved too, and the sun came out more and more often as we walked along a ridge before dropping back down to the valley, and up again to where we’d parked at the castle.

On the way to Esch-sur-Sûre we managed to find an easily accessible supermarket where we stocked up on food and wine. Food seems to be very expensive here in Luxembourg, yet petrol and tourist attractions are relatively cheap, and public transport is free 🤷‍♀️

We’re now in the campsite, with a beautiful spot on the river. We’ve showered and eaten, and are now looking forward to a relaxing day in and around the town tomorrow.

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