July 19th 2014: Southampton and an ‘old’ friend

We spent the morning pottering around getting ready to leave. John took Millie to the vets while I shopped, we both phoned our families, then we finished the final bits of packing, tidied the house and set off in torrential rain.

The rain continued until we reached Birmingham and the clouds persisted until the South Downs. John had guaranteed me that it’s always sunny on the South coast, at least when he goes, and he was right. The clouds cleared and the sun came out.

The journey went well, with a stop for a ‘dirty’ burger half way. We had planned to stay with an old school friend, Sarah, who we haven’t seen for more years than we care to remember. She’s just moved house to a new development so the postcode was new and not easily recognised by the map software. Nevertheless, I got us to within metres of her house. Unfortunately, the road was blocked where building work was still going on so I called Sarah for directions.

We were soon sitting in her back garden catching up over drinks and a barbecue, whilst repeatedly throwing a ball for Indie the dog, who never tired of the game. The conversation flowed easily with Sarah and her husband, Dave, and Sophie, Sarah’s lovely niece, kept us entertained, as well helping with the meal. It was great to catch up and we sat chatting by the chiminea until late before retiring for a cup of tea in the van.

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