27-28th July: Off to the Alps

This time yesterday, we’d barely left home and, already we’ve done over 750 miles. The journey has, thankfully, been very uneventful… Apart from the shocking cost of tolls! Over 100 euros so far!

 Once I’d finished work and we’d packed the van and said goodbye to Millie, we set off for the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone. On the way we stopped off in Northampton to visit Ann, Holly and Eddie. It was great to see them and Eddie’s home made cookies are fantastic! It was a shame Nick wasn’t in but hopefully they’ll come and visit us and climb Snowdon soon.

We arrived at the Eurotunnel terminal at about 11.30 and made a cup of tea before getting our heads down. Unfortunately, neither of us slept well and at 4.00 we were wide awake, having another brew and waiting for our 5.50 train. With no queues at all, we drove on and the train left early. Before too long, we were making our way through Normandie.

Both very tired, we had a few stops for food, coffee and fresh air and decided to change our plans. Rather than sightseeing in the wall town of Beaune, we decided we’d rather just relax, read a book or watch a DVD and have an early night. I found a motor home aire by a river where we are now having a beer in the sunshine in a small town called Louhans.

Tomorrow it’ll probably take us 5-6 hours to reach our campsite in Guillestre. Then our holiday begins properly.

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