Christmas Day: Spa and bar

This was to be a very odd Christmas Day, with no family, no presents, no Christmas music or cheesy television programmes, and no Christmas dinner. However, it was still a lovely Christmas Day… Very relaxing.

We had a lie in and a late breakfast, and sat on the riad roof terrace for a bit, then walked through the alleyways to Kosyspa where we were having a hammam and massage together. We were each taken to our respective changing rooms and given robes, flip flops, paper knickers and a bottle of chilled water, before meeting up again in the steam room. After about 10 minutes, 2 girls came in, showered us down and rubbed us all over in black soap, before leaving us again, lying on marble benches in the hammam.

After another 20-30 minutes, we were taken to another room, which was a bit cooler than the steam room, and climbed onto warm marble tables. Here, the girls washed us down with hand showers then rubbed us with loofahs, before applying more lovely smelling soap and washing our hair, then leaving us again to relax for half an hour or so. When they came back, we were asked to stand in the shower together and were sprinkled with cool water to the sound of bird song, then deluged in warm water, as though we were in a tropical rain storm!

Then, after drying ourselves and putting dry paper knickers on, it was time for our massages. We were taken to yet another room, with dim lighting and piped music, and comfortable massage tables where we lay draped in towels. We were massaged from toe to head, front and back, and it really was the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had. The spa experience finished sitting, relaxing by the pool, drinking mint tea and enjoying views towards the mountains, watching the storks on the palace walls.

When we’d changed we went up to the rooftop Kosybar for lunch and a bottle of wine. As Morocco is a Muslim country, only bars and restaurants with a predominantly foreign clientele are allowed to serve alcohol. We didn’t look our best for our Christmas lunch, with the remnants of massage oil in our hair, but at least we didn’t see anyone we knew, and won’t see anyone again! My choice of meal wasn’t the best either… Although my goats’ cheese starter was lovely, my main course salad was full of mushrooms…eugh!

Back at the riad, and full of wine, we dozed for a bit then packed our bags ready for home. We ate dinner in the riad… A traditional Moroccon meal, including a beautiful lemon and olive chicken tagine. Riad Eden has been a lovely place to stay.

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