Saturday 12th August: We relocate to France

It was still raining in Kaprun this morning so our plan to relocate to somewhere sunnier was put into action. We had the obligatory cup of tea in bed, then paid the bill and left the campsite.

The journey was long (10 hours overall) but uneventful, apart from getting stuck behind lots of antique Citroens on the Alberg pass, struggling to get up the hills.

We stopped a few times… for breakfast, to buy a vignette to travel through Switzerland (40 euros!!!!) and for lunch overlooking Lake Constance… very pretty and huge. We did consider stopping in Switzerland for a night, until I looked at prices for camping. Everything seemed so expensive, so onwards to France. Even here, prices are much higher than in the past, thanks to Brexit.

On a more positive note, the weather improved as we travelled west and now, on the campsite, North of Geneva and just inside France, the sky is clear. I’m hoping to see the Perseid meteor shower when it goes dark. In the meantime, we’ve had dinner and are going to watch a bit more Breaking Bad. Tomorrow, we need to do some washing and will probably have a run into the local town, Divonne, where there’s a lake to see and some small mountains to climb. We’re also looking forward to seeing Dan and Jackie and hearing about their holiday. Good night!

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