Sunday 13th August: Housework and Mont Mourex

We had a late night last night, thanks to the people in a nearby chalet having a rowdy party, and some star gazing. We had been hoping to see the perseid meteor shower but there was too much light pollution. I think I saw one shooting star, and my attempts at photographing the night sky were rubbish!

This morning, John put the washing on early while I washed up and swept the van. After breakfast, we hung the washing to dry in the sunshine… beautiful sunshine at last!

The downside of the sunshine… and I’m not complaining… is that it was very hot for running. After finishing our housework (or vanwork?!) we ran from the campsite, along the lanes, then steeply up through the forest to emerge on top of Mont Mourex (755m). The views over Geneva towards snow-capped Mont Blanc were beautiful, although a bit hazy. I found the run tough but, having seen the stats on Strava, there was a reasonable amount of ascent for the distance (340m in 13k) and it was very hot when we weren’t in the shade of the forest.

Back at the campsite we had a cold beer and ice cream before showering. By then Dan and Jackie had arrived and we joined them on their pitch for lunch, and spent an relaxing afternoon chatting. This evening we’ve been into the local town, Divonne les Bains, for dinner. It appears to be quite a wealthy town… the casino and the expensive cars, and the local houses with security give it away. All in all, we had an enjoyable evening.

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