Saturday 19th August: Preparing for an adventure in the mountains

We’ve had a lovely relaxing day, with a late start, getting everything ready for our 5-day trek around the Vanoise glaciers, staying in 4 different mountain refuges. It’s been a pleasure to spend a relatively lazy day on a campsite in a beautiful spot, and a pretty village.

After breakfast, we checked our clothes, toiletries and the other kit that we’ll need, before heading into the village for food for breakfast and a packed lunch, cash and other bits and pieces. We needed a lightweight towel because we didn’t bring ours because we hadn’t planned to do a multi-day trek, and we treated ourselves to some lightweight poles, which we should get lots of use out of on all the challenges we have planned over the next year.

We decided to have lunch in town and found a lovely restaurant where we spent a relaxing couple of hours eating and chatting. This evening, we’ll finish all the perishable food in the van as we’re away for 5 days. Bread, cheese, cured meat, salad and fruit… washed down with wine, of course!

We’ve pretty much finished packing our rucksacks now, and we’ve showered. We’re just charging all our devices for the trip, and we need to empty the bins and the loo, then we’re ready to go. We’re leaving the van on the campsite where it’ll be safe. I can’t wait to get going!

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