50th birthday trip to Iceland

We’re off on holiday soon, so it’s time to get the blog going again. John and I were both 50 earlier in the year, which we decided was a good excuse to treat ourselves to a trip to Iceland. I’ve always wanted to go there so I’m very excited… geysers, waterfalls, icebergs, glaciers, mountains, ice caves, hot springs, lava caves and the aurora… so much to see and do!

We’re doing a road trip around the island, staying at each of 4 Airbnb’s for 3 or 4 nights. We have several trips booked: snowshoeing to a lava cave, driving a snowmobile to an ice cave, hiking up a glaciated mountain, and photographing the Northern lights… fingers crossed they show up on the night! The trip is costing us a small fortune but, who cares… we’re only 50 once 🙂

I’m looking forward to taking lots of pictures. I’m not sure John is so keen on that aspect of the trip though. He hates waiting around for me! I’m currently doing a photography course in college and I think my photos have improved quite a bit recently. It sometimes takes me a while to get the shot I want though, particularly for long exposures. Hopefully, it’ll be worth it when we have some great pictures to look back on. Maybe some will make it onto the wall… or even into the gallery for our end of course photography show!

Well, this post has reminded me how WordPress works. Now to do something else on the endless list of tasks I have to do before we leave!

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  1. Hi Lou

    Good to hear you’re off again. What a grand way to celebrate your 50th birthdays! Seems unbelievable that you’re both 50, neither of you look 40 even!

    You going over the Easter hols? Hope all goes according to plan and you do get to see the aurora. Your photography course is proving successful and you’re obviously enjoying it.

    Will look forward to reading all about your trip

    Luv n hugs Gail xx


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