Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August: Winding down in Wissant

The drive up to Wissant near Calais was uneventful. Last time we stayed at the camper van aire in Wissant it was every busy and we just managed to squeeze in. It was busy this time too but, thankfully, we got the last proper space.

We then wandered into the town for lunch. It was a lovely sunny day and everywhere was busy, but we got a table in the shade outside a restaurant we’ve enjoyed before.

After lunch we popped to the shops for a few bits, and had a beer in the sunshine, before returning to the van to read and relax.

The next day, we decided to run along the beach to Cap Gris Nez about 7km away.

It was very warm but the breeze stopped me overheating too much. The beach is beautiful and goes on forever!

At the Cap, there are lots of World War 2 gun emplacements and look outs, on the site of a previous fort of Henry VIII’s, and a lighthouse.

Apparently, it’s only about 20 miles across the channel to Dover but we couldn’t see the white cliffs today because it was so hazy.

After running back to Wissant, we stopped in the town for a cold beer before having lunch back at the van. When we tried to book one of the two nice restaurants near the aire, unfortunately, we found the first was full and the second was closed. We’d just have to take pot luck somewhere else in town.

After a shower and some time relaxing, we found somewhere to eat. The meal was ok, but not the usual last night special dinner. Never mind. I’m feeling quite down that the holiday is over, but looking forward to getting home to see Millie. We know she’s ok because because Jean has been sending regular updates of Millie purring on her lap!

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