The beginning of the end

We had a three hour journey back to Keflavík today, where we are staying in a hotel not far from the airport. It’s been a leisurely day, ending with some time to relax, and a few enjoyable hours exploring Keflavík and soaking in the hotel hot tub.

The journey home was uneventful. I wrote yesterday’s blog, while John drove. When we stopped at a viewpoint not far from Grundarfjordur, we were surprised to bump into some British people who we’d met on the journey from Kirkjubæjarklaustur to Mývatn. It was nice to chat to them and swap stories of our adventures. Once again, he took our photo… see the image above 🙂

The roads gradually got busier as we got nearer to Reykjavík. We were surprised when we reached a toll booth to pay for a tunnel under one of the fjords. It seemed to go down a long way, and went on for 6 kilometres. There were now more and more roundabouts and we had to be careful around junctions as there was so much traffic coming onto and leaving the main ring road… a bit of a shock after the roads being empty for two weeks!

Finally we reached Keflavík and went to our hotel to drop the bags off before returning the hire car. Hotel Berg is very nice. We have a suite with a small lounge and bathroom downstairs and a loft bedroom with a huge telly. The big windows look out over the small marina. Our room is at the left under the sign in the picture below.

We then filled the car with petrol and returned it. John was pleased he’d taken a video of the dents in it before we left because it made the checks faster. We also queried the fact that we’d paid for a Nissan and received a cheaper Dacia. It was fine, but they agreed to refund us the difference, which is good. Fingers crossed it does happen!

From the car hire place, we could walk back to our hotel. We had a wander round the town first, and had lunch in a bar. Then we strolled back along the prom, taking photos of the various sights along the route.

Just before we reached the hotel, we came across a giant’s house.

As we arrived a young child was being carried out in tears. Inside we found the giant was snoring and even letting out the odd fart 😂. She was called Giganta, and is apparently friendly.

Her bed makes me look tiny!

Back at the hotel, we changed into swimming costumes and fluffy bathrobes and went up to the rooftop hot tub. We spent an hour or so there relaxing, watching people walking their dogs and returning from fishing, and spotting the planes taking off.

Now we’re just having a drink before we go out for dinner. We have an early start tomorrow because our flight is at 8.00. It’s been a great holiday but I’m looking forward to getting home. I hope Millie is pleased to see us 🐈😊

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