There she blows! Bicheno blow hole

The highlight of today was the blow hole at Bicheno. We were lucky to see it on a morning where the waves were crashing against the coast, forcing the water through the hole and high into the air, way above our heads. It was also a bright, blue-sky day, which made the spout of water seem even more spectacular.

I love this series of photos showing the blow hole erupting!

After we’d spent some time watching and photographing the blow hole, we decided to have a walk along the coast as it was such a beautiful day. Although it’s winter, we didn’t need our coats and jumpers as we walked along the coastal path, sometimes through the trees, and sometimes over the rocks on the beach. It was lovely! We could see the blow hole in the distance, and some seals on the rocks out in the bay, basking in the sunshine.

After a quick coffee and cake, we then set off for Launceston, where we’re spending the next two nights. The journey took about 2 and a half hours. We stopped briefly at Lake Leake, a man-made reservoir which is surrounded by holiday ‘shacks’ and used for fishing. There were still tree stumps poking out from the water, which looked rather odd.


In Launceston we checked into our Airbnb then drove into town. We had a wander round the shops but weren’t very impressed, and were surprised to find many were closed on a Saturday afternoon! John was pleased to find a bar selling craft beers though, so we sat in there for a while.


Now we’ve ordered a takeaway curry for dinner. We think we’ll have an easy day tomorrow. john’s A bit fed up of driving so we’ll probably just visit Cataract Gorge, which is just up the road from where we’re staying. It’s raining now… that drizzly rain that soaks you before you realise… but hopefully it’ll clear up tomorrow.


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  1. That is so very beautiful! Wowee! It makes me think of Enid Blyton’s adventure series – just missing some fruit cake, sandwiches and pop!

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