Pembrokeshire trip: St David’s and Pembroke

On Saturday we travelled down to Pembrokeshire for 5 nights. It’s our first proper road trip in Bertie Boxlife, so we can see what he’s like in the winter. So far, so good. We’re having a lovely trip and we’re warm and cosy.

On the way down we stopped at the bakery in Machynlleth for some cakes and pies, which has become a bit of a habit when we come this way! Delicious! Then, after about 4 and a half hours we arrived at the campsite. It was dark and damp, and we immediately managed to get bogged down in the mud, creating large ruts in the beautifully mown field. Not to worry, the campsite owners Eileen and Dave were lovely and friendly. Dave sorted our hook up and arranged a tractor to tow us out the next morning. The shower room is in an old caravan… just perfect, with plenty of space, hooks, benches and hot water!

The next morning it was still misty and drizzly but we set of to St David’s to meet Martin and Tracey for a hike along the coastal path.

It was still wet when we started but after about 15 minutes it became a lot brighter and, at times, was very warm.

The coastal path was stunning, with green fields and steps cliffs dropping into the turquoise ocean. Perfect water for kayaking, although Ramsey Sound looked rather scary! We had a lovely day and it was great to see Martin and Tracey.

Today we’ve been to Pembroke Castle, which was where Henry VII was born. It’s beautifully preserved and we enjoyed going up and down the steep spiral steps to the tops of the towers to see the views. The cave below the castle was also pretty cool!

Afterwards, we made our way to Saundersfoot. We’re doing the New Year’s Day swim tomorrow with 2000 others! We’ve raised almost £400, which is fantastic! The sea looks very cold but I’m sure we’ll enjoy the day. We’re booked into a restaurant for an early dinner and we may see the fireworks… assuming we can stay awake long enough!

At the moment we’re in the car park, thinking we may stay here overnight so we don’t have to worry about where to park tomorrow morning. It would be good to be in the town so we can get showered, change and warm soon after our dunking.

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