Mount Srd and Imperial Fortress

Today we’ve walked up Mount Srd, which is over 400 metres high… not even half the height of a Snowdonia mountain, but high for around here, especially from sea level in a relatively short distance. Everyone looked at us as though we were mad walking up, because most people get the cable car. When John asked Christina for directions, she warned us it was a rocky path and would take about 2 hours… and she recommended a 25 minute bus ride  to the start of the zig zag path up the mountain.

We decided to ignore Christina’s  advice and walk all the way from the guest house, rather than hanging around waiting for a bus… Afterall, it didn’t look any further than the old town. I just hoped the path up the mountain, wasn’t as steep and rocky as she’d suggested.

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I needn’t have worried. It only took about half an hour  to get to the zig zag path, which we found with no problems. The zig zag path was rough underfoot but easy enough to manage in our running trainers, and it was wide, with a relatively gentle gradient so, although we were rather warm and sticky, we weren’t out of breath. At first we just had glimpses of places we’d visited through the trees, then the views gradually opened out. Stunning!

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Once we reached the top, we spent some time enjoying the views and managed to spot our guest house. There were some bunkers from the war with Serbia and Montenegro in the 90s, and war memorials… very sad and there is, understandably, still a lot of anger and bitterness about it locally.

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We visited the museum in the Imperial Fortress on the top of the hill to learn more about the war. As well as displays on the walls, a video was playing, showing ITN footage of the siege of Dubrovnik. The city was badly damaged, as was the Napoleonic fort, which we were inside. I am amazed that the the old town has been restored so well. However, there are still lots of signs of damage. The walls of the fort were full of holes from being shelled, bombed and shot at. It must have been a very frightening time to live in Dubrovnik. A photo exhibition showed parts of the city before and after the siege, and how some of the damaged parts of the old town have been repaired.

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After visiting the museum we decided to have lunch in the panoramic bar. We were pleased to be shown to a table for 2 on the edge of the bar with lovely views over the city. We both had a steak sandwich followed by chocolate and walnut cake, and they were delicious. Although it was a bit cool and breezy while we were sitting around, we were nice and warm with fleecy blankets around our legs.

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After lunch, we took the zig zag path back down to the town, in front of the fort. It wasn’t long before we were back on the roads, and then back at our hotel, sitting on our balcony with a cup of tea.

Now we’ve had a shower and packed our bags, ready to return home tomorrow. But first,  another evening out. The meals here have all been lovely, so we’re looking forward to another tasty dinner 🙂

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